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We are happy and proud to announce  that Dr. Venkataram was awarded the prestigious " Dr. R. Shivakumar " oration at the recently held annual conference of Karnataka branch of IADVL- CUTICON 2014 at Bijapur. He delivered a talk on " from Lotions to Liposuction".

ISHRS ASM Certificate 

Dr. Venkatram Mysore was honoured  with Dr. B.V. Sathyanarayana oration by the Andhra Pradesh branch of IADVL on 19th October 2014 at Kurnool.

The oration is given in memory of Dr. B.V.Sathyanarayana, who was the first qualified Dermatologist in India, he has made an outstanding contribution to the field of dermatology.

Dr Venkat at ishrs conference at kaulalampore 9 to 11 October 2014. He also represented Indian society at the global council meeting 

Dr. Venkataram Mysore  participated as guest faculty in the 21st Regional Conference of Dermatology (Asian Australasian) incorporating the 6th Annual Meeting of the Asian Academy of Dermatology & Venereology on 9th to 12th April 2014 at Furama Convention centre & Hotel, Danang, Vietnam. He gave a lecture on melanocyte and its role

SUN CITY 2014 3RD DASIL CONGRESS Dr. Venkataram Mysore has participated in DASIL congress. He gave a plenary lecture on Hair transplant update, and also chaired two sessions. He also spoke on complications of Hair transplantation.He also conducted a workshop on hair transplantation along with Dr Alex Ginzburg of Israel

Dr Jayashree also attended DASIL congress and gave a talk on evolution of Liposuction- manual, powered and Laser. She also was a faculty at the Pre-Congress liposuction workshop at the DASIL 3RD Annual Congress in Sun City, South Africa

Dr. Venkataram Mysore  has participated as faculty in the CME / Conference & taken a session on EVOLUTION OF LIPOSUCTION Manual Vs Powered Vs Laser on 19th, 20th, 21st September 2014 at JIPMER, Puducherry.

Dr. Venkataram Mysore  has participated as faculty & Delegate in Haircon 2014 on 19th to 21st September 2014 at Marriott Resort & Spa, Goa and spoke on patient satisfaction.

Dr Madhulika Matre attended Dermazone 2014 and spoke on efficacy of Nd yag Laser in management of Keloids

Dr Madhulika also spoke at CDSI meeting in Mumbai July 2014 and spoke on management of pigmented lesions by q Nd yag Laser

Dr Annapurna Participated in ACSICON wynad and spoke on Nd yag laser in hair removal


Venkat charmalaya is happy to announce that Dr. Venkat has been awarded appreciation award by International League of Dermatologists ILDS. ILDS is the global body for all dermatologists and all national societies are members of ILDS. It is like the United Nations of Dermatological Societies all over the world. ILDS recognises 10 to 12 senior dermatologists around the world for their outstanding national and international contribution Dr. Venkat is only the Fifth Indian Dermatologist to receive this honour.

Venkat Charmalaya  introduces PRP enhanced Hair Transplantation. Click here to know more.

2013 has been a great year  for Venkat Charmalaya with progress and developments both in patient care and academics.

Venkat Charmalaya  has opened a new website

Dr. Jayashree was awarded FRCOG  from London. Liposuction lectures were delivered at, DASIL Congress Bangkok, World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology Athens.

Dr. Venkataram Mysore got FRCP  from Glasgow. He has been elected as President elect of Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologist and Leprologists. He was also elected as chairman of Assembly National Aesthetic Societies, DASIL.

Dr. Venkataram organized  Haircon 2013-AAHRS 2013 meeting which was hugely successful with over 240 delegates. He has delivered lectures at International Congress Dermatology Delhi, DASIL Congress Bangkok, World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology Athens, and World Congress of Hair Research Edinburg.

We have now procured a new machine  for Liposuction from Microair for smoother and faster extraction of fat. And also procured Fotona laser for laser lipolysis, it helps in speedy removal of fat and also tightening of skin.

Our centre continues  to excel in Liposuction. We have so far performed over 1000 liposuctions, in different areas such as abdomen, flanks, buttocks, thighs, arms and chins. Our patients have appreciated the fact that we are one the few teams in the world that has both male and female liposuction surgeons. Our feedbacks suggest that the satisfaction rate if nearly 100%.

We introduced new treatment  Platelet Rich Plasma for hair growth. This involves stimulation of platelets to secrete growth factors and then introducing these in to skin.

Our centre has performed  over 2500 hair transplantations so far and continue to be one of the busiest in India. All types FUT, FUE, Body Hair Transplantation, immediate hair transplantation continue to be appreciated by our patients. Latest trend is increasing number of women seeking this procedure. We continue to get international patients from across the world and in december 2013 we have performed over 26 hair transplantations.

Dr Venkat is elected  as President elect of Indian Association of Dermatologists , Venereologists and Leprologists 2014.IADVL is a 7500+ member strong association, and Dr Venkat is only the fifth member to be elected as President from Karnataka

Dr venkataram Mysore has been awarded honourary FRCP from royal college of Physicians Glasgow UK. He is only the second dermatologist from Karnataka to receive this honour. He is also recognised as a International Mentor by American Society of Dermatosurgery- the first dermatologist from Karnataka to receive this recongistion

We have published articles on liposuction, body hair transplantation, and use of lasers in Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr Venkataram received FRCP  from Royal College Glasgow.

Dr. Venkatram is the congressPresident of Haircon 2013 November conference on Hair Transplantation.

Dr Venkataram  has written/contributed the following books:

1) Patient information book on skin diseases Karnataka Branch

2) Patient information book on skin surgery ACSI

Dr Venkatara has delivered the following lectures:

a) Evidence based aesthetic Practice at Dermacon Ahmadabad Jan 2013
b) Aesthetic solutions for Dermatological diseases Chandigarh 2013
c) Was the congress President ACSICON Apr 2013. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was the chief guest of the event
He delivered three talks at the meeting
d) Dr Venkat was invited to chair a session at the World Congress of hair Research Edinburg.
e) Dr Venkat Chaired a session and delivered three talks at the world Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology Athens May - June 2013.
f) Will deliver talks at Middermacon 2013 Patna, Aesthetics Delhi, CSI meeting Cochin in August 2013
g) He has been invited to speak at European Dermatology meeting at Istanbul Turkey in October and DASIL meeting Bangkok in November.
h) He is chairing a session at International congress of Dermatology Delhi in December.

Venkat Charmalaya has received continuation of accreditation from Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences- It is the only private non-medical college institute in Karnataka to receive the accreditation.

We have now procured a New Machine for Liposuction from Microair for smoother and faster extraction of fat. And Also now procured Fotona laser for laser lipolysis. It helps in speedy removal of fat and also tightening of Skin

Venkat Charmalaya has opened a new website for patient information.

Venkat Charmalaya has procured a New Laser from Fotona- it has several components:
a)Erbiyum: Yag laser for removal of warts, benign growths.
b)Erbiyum: Yag fractional laser for acne scars, chicken pox scar, injury and burn scars, ageing skin etc.
c) Nd: Yag laser for hair removal.
d) Nd: Yag laser for laser lipolysis (distruction of fat)
e) Nd: Yag laser for rejuvenation.

This is in addition to our previous lasers for removing pigmentation, tattoos, Skin tightening etc.

Dr. Venkatram Mysore, President ACSI con with Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr Venkataram Mysore has been elected as chairman of ANAS( Assembly of National Aesthetic Societies) and a board member of DASIL(Dermatologists and Aesthetic Surgeons International League), which are premier and prestigious international organizations-  He delivered the following talks at DASIL Congress:
  • Plenary talk on Hair transplantation-past present and future
  • Chairman session on hair transplantation:
  • Donor strip dissection
  • Follicular unit transplantation
  • He delivered the following talks at ACSIZONE Bubaneswar:
  • Liposuction
  • Hair transplantation Giga session

Dr Venkataram  now holds several positions in prestigious national and international organizations:
  • President Assn of Cutaneus surgeons India
  • President Karnataka branch of Indian association of dermatologists, Leprologists, Venereologists
  • President elect, Association of hair restoration surgeons India
  • Chairman therapeutic guidelines committee, of Indian association of dermatologists, Leprologists, Venereologists
  • Dr Vekataram Has also been asked to be the member ships committee chair for Internatonal academy of cosmetic dermatology

Dr Venkat  has been invited for an oration in zonal meeting at Shillong

Dr Jayashree  delivered a talk on powered liposuction at Malta meeting

Clinic will be open at Vijay Nagar on Sundays between 10 am-12 noon 

We are happy to inform that Dr Venkataram was the Congress president of International congress at Delhi from 12-15 apr 2012.

The text book of Cutnaeus and Aesthetic surgery edited by Dr Venkat was released at the conference.

He delivered the following talks: Evidence based aesthetic practice

Hair transplantation- what works and what does not ?

Complications in Hair transplantation

Dr Venkataram has been awarded  the prestigious VN Sehgal award for academic excellence for the year 2011-12, by at of Indian association of dermatologists, venereologists, leprologists at Dermacon- national conference Jaipur, 11 feb 2012.

Dr Venkataram has been awarded the Fellowship of Asian Academy of dermatovenereology

Dr Venkataram was the Guest editor for the book "Standard of guidelines of care for dermatosurgical procedures" of Indian association of dermatologists, venereologists, leprologists at Dermacon- national conference Jaipur, 11 feb 2012.

Dr. Venkataram attended ISHRS conference at Anchorage Alaska, USA and delivered the lecture "Evidence based hair restoration surgical practice".

Dr. Venkat has been eleted as President of Association of Cutaneus Surgeons, India.

Latest Information Dr.Venkataram has been elected as the president of Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India.

Dr. Venkat Mysore has been invited to be the author of a chapter on hair transplantation for the world congress of dermatology Seoul 2011. He is also session director of Hair surgery at Hair India conference in sep 2010. He is the scientific chairman of cosmecon - conference on cruise . He is also the course director of International dermatopathology symposium 2010

Events & Publications
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Dr. Venkataram Mysore

Dr. Venkataram Mysore is a NRI doctor, returning to India, after having trained and worked abroad for more than 12 years in different countries. He is a unique combination of a dermatopathology and cosmetic dermatosurgeon with special interest in hair transplantation.

After passing out his undergraduate degree from Mysore medical college, he served as a doctor in Indian Air force. He then completed his Diploma and MD (University of Mysore) in dermatology and received board certification in the same specialties in 1987. He received further training in the skin institute and school of dermatology at New Delhi and New Jersey school of medicine , Cambden, USA. He qualified as diplomat in dermatopathology of Royal college of pathologists, London in 1985 - the first Indian dermatologist to do so. He has received advanced training in cosmetic dermatology and dermatosurgery at different workshops in Malta, Amsterdam, Triest (Italy), Munich (Germany). His interest in hair transplantation led to a fellowship in Korea under Jung Chul Kim- a platinum follicle award winner of the International society of hair restoration. He has actively pursued this interest and has undergone further courses on the subject in Orlando,Chicago,Sydney.


ACSICON Event Moments

Haircon 2013 Event Moments

How is transplantation done?

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For further information, download the following informative leaflets;

1. Admission for Hair Transplant Patients

2. After Booking

3. Before Surgery

4. After Surgery

5. FUT vs FUE

6. Drugs in Hair Transplantation

7. Instructions for Patients

8. Side Effects

9. New Methods

10. Why Venkat Charmalaya

11. Gigasession

Giga sessions:

It is now possible to perform over 4000-6000 grafts by combining different methods. This is done as follows:
Day 1 morning FUE about 500-600 grafts. This loosens the skin and helps us to take wider strip for FUT
Day 1 afternoon FUT 2500-3500 grafts depending on quality of donor hair on back of scalp
Day 3 FUE scalp 500-1000 grafts from scalp
Day 4 body hair 500-1000 grafts
However this needs stamina, and a big budget and therefore is applicable for select patients only.

Please see the presentation to know more about Gigasession

Trichophytic closure:

Trichophytic closure is a method to make the donor scar as minimal as possible. In this method, bya special surgical technique, hairs are made to grow through scars, so that scar is not seen. We do this routinely in all patients, and do not charge any extra fee for it.

Safety of Finasteride

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