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Instruction For Patients

1. Make sure you have obtained all the information you need; visit our web site or send an email to / / or
call us on +91 80-23392416/23392788/23180818/41148848/9739038714

2. If you are from outstation or can not come to clinic even if in Bangalore, there is no problem. You can send your photos by email for assessment and to know the approximate cost. For those from outside the country, please provide a local contact number if possible

3. The following Blood Tests need to be done before surgery: Hb%, BT, CT,prothrombin time, RBS, LFT, HbSAg, HIV-ELISA, LFT, and ECG in all leads: these are simple and routine tests which may be done in any lab. It can be done with us also. Show the results to doctor prior to the surgery. You may also scan the results and send them by email

We need an advance payment of Rs. 10000/- to book the surgery, either by card/cash/cheque/online transfer. NO date will be confirmed without advance. Balance full payment to be paid before surgery either by cash/card only. IF you wish to make Cheque payment for final amount, you should do so atleast 5 days before surgery date so that the amount gets transferred to out account. for precise info on date availability call 23392788/23392416/41148848

Cost of transplantation varies from 30,000-1,50,000 for FUT and from 50,000-2,00,000 rupees for FUE Body hair is charged at Rs. 150 Rs per graft.

All cosmetic procedures including hair transplantation attract a service tax of 15% by Govt of India

Read instruction sheet and consent form attached properly Blood tests are needed:

Blood: CBC, HCV, Bleeding time, clotting time, PT, APTT, Random blood sugar, HBs AG, HIV ELISA, ECG(EKG) in all leads.

These are simple tests. They can be done after arrival here also, if you need more info, pl.. write and confirm after you send the advance The surgery wil be in the afternoon pl. be in the clinic before 1 pm.You should ahve lunch before coming in addition to breakfast

4. Do you smoke? if so please stop it for two weeks before surgery Are you on any medication for any diseases? do let us know if so Do not drink and smoke the night before surgery DOnt have spicy fod the night before surgery.

do you have allergy to any drugs? do you have acidity? call 23392788 for any further info

5. You will have to sign a consent form before surgery.

6. Any change in date, once booked, can be done only if informed well in advance (at least 1 4 days prior notice) . Delayed request for change of date will result in forfeiting the advance

7. Surgery will be done at Vijay nagar centre.

8. If coming from outside Bangalore, make sure you reach Bangalore early, preferably previous night

9. You can not travel back on the same night- you should stay in Bangalore. If you need hotel accommodation, it can be arranged by our staff. call 23392788/23392416.

10. Surgery may be either in the morning or afternoon, our staff will call and confirm to you one week before the date.

11. The number of grafts and total final cost has been informed to you by the doctor. If any doubt, pl. check with our staff.

Pre operative instructions

1. Wash your hair with any shampoo for two days before the surgery : use KZ/Arcolane/Scalpe Shampoo daily for 3 days before surgery.

2. DO not drink/smoke before surgery for two weeks

3. If you have any Medical Problems/previous surgeries/allergies inform the doctor

4. Do not take any drugs before surgery without informing the doctor

While arriving for the surgery:
Please be punctual, do not be late as this is a long surgery.

Please plan early for the mode of payment, if using debit or credit card, make sure that there is enough balance. If paying by cash, make sure the ATM allows the required amount to be withdrawn. If paying credit card, please note that credit card companies charge 2.25% as commission which will be charged to you. Also the companies insist on identity proof for large transactions- so plese carry your driving license, passport copy etc.

You may bring an attendant- we have a separate attendant waiting room

Do not be tense. This is a simple of surgery- most patients sleep during surgery or enjoy television. Make transport arrangements for going home after surgery.You can not drive- you can not go on pillion.You can not go by Bus.

Route Map- How to reach the clinic

Outstation Patients should stay in bangalore on the night of surgery.

You have to sign a Consent Form, pre and post instructions before surgeryConsent Form, pre and post instructions

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