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Recent Advances in Hair Transplantation

What is follicular unit extraction (FUE)?

There has recently been a lot of publicity about this the so-called "scarless hair transplantation”. Follicular unit extraction is extracting individual follicular units separately by using a small 1mm punch and then transplanting them to the recipient area. The proponents of this method contend that removal of such individual units will not result in visible scars in the donor area, as they heal naturally and hence would avoid the linear scar of strip excision in classical hair transplantation. While the idea is attractive, there are a number questions and disadvantages to be considered:

1. It is still a very new technique started only in 2002. So more evaluation is needed for final opinion on the claims about it’s efficacy and claims about lack of scarring.
2. It is much slower than conventional technique-so large sessions would not be possible.
3. All patients may not be suitable for this method.
4. A number of follicular units may be damaged during extraction in some patients.

Hence while this technique is an exciting new development, it needs more evaluation before it can be adopted. We at our institute, perform this latest method in selected patients. However, the cost of the procedure per graft is more.

What is No touch technique?

This is a tentative schedule, while we will try to adhere to this schedule, it may not always be possible to do so on all days and hence variations may happen .
This is a method popularized by DR Kim from Korea and by DHI institute in Greece. This involves placing grafts in special implanters and then transplanting them in to recipient sites. In this method , the root of the hair is not handled and hence risk of damage to hair root is minimal. Hence the name “No touch technique”. This method is also very quick , but needs very precise dissection of hairs.

We are happy to state that we practice this method in our center.

What is the role of microscopic dissection?

Microscopic dissection is almost universally used in America. Use of stereomicroscope during dissection of hairs improves visibility and decreases transaction of hairs during dissection and hence the graft yield is more. However, microscopic dissection needs trained staff and is slower and hence is also more expensive.
We practice microscopic dissection in our center.

For understanding steps of procedure and to see our results, go through our Power Point Presentation.

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