Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Hair Treatment


Dr Venkat

PRP hair treatment uses platelet rich plasma for the procedure. Platelets are cells in the blood which secrete growth factors for wound healing. These growth factors have multiple effects on skin and hair. PRP contains these multiple growth factors (GFs) and plasma proteins.

What is PRP (platelet rich plasma)? Does it help for hairloss?

How it’s made?

Your own blood is taken (hardly 10 ml) which is then processed using reagents to yield PRP. This amount of blood is very minor and will not cause you any side effects.

How it’s used?

Your scalp is anaesthetised with cream. Then the PRP is injected using needles/micro-roller. The whole procedure takes 15 minutes.

Extracted plasma for hair loss treatment

Do I need to take rest after the procedure?

No. You can go and perform all activities after the procedure. There is no cosmetic change either. The only precaution is to avoid shampoo for two days.

How does it help with baldness?

PRP contains growth factors which act on thin & weak follicles to strengthen them. It can act on follicles which are resistant to minoxidil as well.

How many sessions and how often are the sessions taken?

It is performed once in 4-6 weeks, and for 3-5 sessions.

What is the success rate for PRP?

Our experience has shown that 60-70% of patients who undergo PRP show significant improvement. It is usually used along with medicines and not as a solo treatment.


  1. Till date, no major side effects have been reported or published.
  2. We are using your own blood – hence the risk of a bad reaction is minimal.
  3. NO risk of transmission of infections.

Is it a substitute for minoxidil?

No, Minoxidil is still the first line treatment for hair loss. PRP hair treatment is an add-on treatment. It is used in the following conditions:

  1. On showing resistance to minoxidil.
  2. On experiencing diffused hair loss.
  3. If you’re experiencing vertex hair loss.

Results of patient with Platelet Rich Plasma or prp treatment

Our advice

PRP is a valuable treatment for hair loss when used properly. There are many unethical treatments and false promises currently with PRP.

Please remember

  1. PRP cannot create new hair. It can only act on miniature and dormant follicles.
  2. PRP should be done at regular intervals.
  3. PRP is not a substitute for Minoxidil.

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About The Doctor

Dr. Venkataram Mysore was one of the first surgeons to learn this technique in the country. He is an expert in FUT and is one of the most respected Hair Transplant experts in the world. He has edited the first Indian textbook on the subject and is the first and only Indian Dermatologist to be made a fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Dr. Venkat at Royal College, Glasgow, Scotland at a ceremony to award him an honorary FRCP.
Dr. Venkat at Royal College, Glasgow, Scotland at a ceremony to award him an honorary FRCP.